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Window Cleaning

Damp, mould, and condensation


One of the biggest causes of damp is condensation. Condensation comes from everyday activities such as breathing, showers, drying clothes, and cooking.

Damp can also come from cracked pipework, a damaged roof, or blocked guttering.

Under heated homes and/or sudden changes in temperature can cause condensation and damp or mould to occur.

Lack of effective ventilation – moisture in the air needs to be able to escape.

How we can help you

We can make sure there is enough ventilation in your home.

We can survey your home and make sure we repair any leaks or other potential issues that may be a cause of damp or mould.

We will train our staff to be able to identify issues and what follow up is needed.

We will work with tenants to find solutions to reduce condensation.

How you can tackle the issue

Get in touch at the first signs to help us tackle the problem together. 

Check if you have trickle vents on your windows and check if they are open.

Check if your extractor fan in good working order.  If it is not, you can report it to us on 0800 085 1313

It is recommended that your home is heated at a steady 18 to 21 degrees. We understand that the cost of living is making this difficult for a lot of people. There is support available to help make sure you can heat your home adequately.


Our Damp, Mould and Condensation Policy [PDF, 0.5MB] sets out the approach we will take to prevent and resolve cases of damp, mould and condensation in the homes we provide through effective and timely actions. By following the approach set out in our policy, we will minimise the negative impact damp, mould and condensation has on the health and wellbeing of residents, and on the fabric of their homes.

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