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Bulky item collection service

We provide a bulky household waste collection service for many common household items. We collect a maximum of 9 items per collection.

Collection of these items should be requested using the webforms on this page. Please read the guidance below before making your request.

Always use a registered waste carrier, like us, to provide a skip and/or collect your waste. Check the Environment Agency waste carrier register

Can you pass on your items another way?

Before you ask us to collect an unwanted large or bulky item, please check if you can pass it on to someone else who can use it - this will also save you money. All items that we collect with our Standard bulky item collection service are disposed of as waste. 

For example, you could:

Check our Recycling A-Z for advice on specific items.

How much does it cost?

Standard bulky item collection 

Up to 3 items can be booked for the minimum charge of £34 additional items are then £6 each. As shown below:

  • 1 item is £34
  • 2 items are £34
  • 3 items are £34
  • Some larger goods may count as multiple items (For example a 3-seater sofa counts as 3 items and therefore £34)
  • Item numbers 4 to 9 are then £6 per item

Hazardous electrical collection

£27 per item due to the separate collection and processing required of large electrical goods.

What do we collect?

Our webform provides a list of the most common household items that we will collect. We collect a maximum of 9 items per booking.

Standard bulky items service

All furniture typically found within the home:

  • furniture with glass should have glass panels reinforced and secured with tape, so it does not shatter
  • soft furnishing should be covered if rain is forecast
  • bulky items from the garden and garage (for example, garden furniture or outdoor equipment)
  • furnishing such as carpets (1 room worth)
  • other miscellaneous items and household equipment (for example, ironing boards)
  • bags of excess general rubbish (up to 3) and garden waste (up to 3). These should be typical (up to 100 litre) bin bags, not hippo style gravel bags.

Please note that all items collected on the standard bulky items service are collected in a refuse truck and sent to landfill.

Book a standard bulky item collection

White Goods and Hazardous electrical item service

  • Computer screens
  • Freezers (empty and defrosted)
  • Fridges (empty)
  • Microwave
  • Televisions
  • Washing machines
  • Tumble dryers
  • Cookers and hobs
  • Dishwasher

Electrical items collected on the White Goods and Hazardous electrical item service are collected separately from other bulky waste and are sent for recycling.

Book a white good or hazardous electrical items collection

  • Cars, tyres, vehicle batteries
  • Pianos
  • Chemicals or other hazardous waste
  • Oil or items that have been contaminated with oil (for example, oil tanks)
  • Industrial or American-style fridge-freezers
  • Construction materials
  • Pallets
  • Bathroom suites
  • Paint
  • Mobility scooters
  • Anything presented for collection but not listed on your request at time of booking
  • Anything else not listed on the webform - if it is not there, it is because we cannot collect it
  • Anything left inside the house - items should be presented outside near the kerb for collection

If you have something that is not listed on the webform, then we are not able to offer a collection for this item and it will have to be disposed of in another way. Items can be taken to Milton or Thriplow Household Recycling Centres or you can arrange a collection via a specialist contractor.

Bulky collections are taken from the front of your property where the property meets the public highway, so you do not have to be there for the collection. For example, on the grass verge or edge of your driveway by the kerb, where we can access it with our vehicle. If you need to place your items at the rear of your property due to access issues like steps, please book your collection by phone and explain this - do not use the webform.

The collection crews are not able to enter your property which is why we ask for the items to be left outside where the property meets the public highway. The items must also be unobstructed. We cannot issue refunds if the crew cannot take the items if this criteria is not met.

The crew are out as early as 6am, so the items will need to be outside from that time on the date of collection, the night before is also fine.

If the crew are not able to find your item(s) based on the criteria above, it will be marked as 'not found' and you will have to re-book and pay again if you want the item(s) to be re-collected.

Please arrange a date and pay for your collection using the webforms on this page. Please note that standard items and hazardous electrical items requests have separate forms.

You will receive an email confirmation and payment receipt.

The webform will provide you with the next available collection dates for your location. Please choose which is best for you. You will usually find a slot free within the next 10 days.

If the webform cannot find your property or is not showing any available dates for your address we would recommend calling customer services for assistance on 01954 713 000.

Our system only provides the next 3 possible dates. If necessary, please try again at a later date to book further in the future.

We cannot guarantee this. This depends on your collection day and whether all the slots are booked. The online form will advise the next one available for you. 

Cancellation or amendments are done over the phone with customer services on 01954 713 000. This must be done by 5pm 2 days before your collection is due, to allow time for processing. We cannot guarantee we can make amendments or refunds after this time.

Additions can be requested via the phone with customer services. We cannot guarantee it as we have a limited amount of booking slots and items we can collect per day. Please note that white goods or electrical items cannot be added to a standard bulky item collection booking.

We can only collect items listed in your original booking. Any other items placed out for collection will not be picked up unless your request can be amended by customer services. This must be done by 5pm 2 days before your collection.

If you wish to do this your collection will need to be cancelled and refunded by calling customer services. This must be done by 5pm 2 days before your collection.

Please then make a new booking using the booking form.

Book a standard bulky waste collection

Book a hazardous electrical waste collection

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